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Florist Tools

Tools to help in floral design, from scissors to stem cutters to stem strippers and heat guns.
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7040 3140 487
handle colors may vary handle colors may vary handle colors may vary, spring-loaded

Flower Stem Cutter
order number: flosf-dL7040-03

Price $22.50 / pack of 3

7" Spring Loaded Pruner
order number: flofs-t3140

Price $27.50 / each

Wire Cutter
order number: flofs-t487

Price $40.50 / each

handle colors may vary, spring loaded, locking button to lock closed 13" blade, easy to mount unto a table or cabinet, for bulk cutting of large stems - model may vary from picture 8" long

7" Flower Stem Cutter
order number: flofs-t3412

Price $27.50 / each

Fresh Flower Cutter
order number: flofs-t5138

Price $255.50 / each

Adjustable Handle Snips
order number: flofs-t18085

Price $35.50 / each
out of stock

3145  4320 4258
ratchet action pruning shears, color may vary, light weight with fiberglass handles - color may vary handle colors may vary  8" long, serrated edge

7" Ratchet Pruner
order number: flofs-t3145

Price $27.50 / each
out of stock

10" Ribbon Scissors
order number: flofs-t4320

Price $32.50 / each

All Purpose Shears
order number: flofs-t4258

Price $50.50 / each

101 7050
6-1/2" long - handle color may vary    

Craft/Bonsai Scissors
order number: flofs-t56

Price $39.50 / each

8" Ribbon Scissors
order number: flofs-t101

Price $15.50 / each

order number: flosf-dL7050

Price $19.50 / each
out of stock

3006  7070 34
approx 6" long   6-1/2" long

Straight Knife
order number: flofs-t3006-06

Price $29.50 / pack of 6

Utility Knife
order number: flosf-dL7070-08

Price $27.50 / pack of 8

Folding Swiss Army Knife
order number: flofs-t34

Price $35.50 / each

33  35 57
6-1/2" long 6-1/2" long 7" long, curved and strait blades

Folding Straight Knife
order number: flofs-t33

Price $20.50 / each

Folding Curved Knife
order number: flofs-t35

Price $21.50 / each

Double Blade Folding Knife
order number: flofs-t57

Price $16.50 / each
out of stock

800  801 8732
  1-3/4" long order #: flofs-sp801
2-1/8" long order #: flofs-sp802

Steel Pix Machine
order number: flofs-sp800

Price $395.50 / each

Plated Steel Picks
Price $29.50 / box of 2,000


Metal Stem Stripper
order number: flofs-t8732-06

Price $44.50 / pack of 6

5  600 27
  600 degree, 350 watt  

Plastic Stem Stripper
order number: flofs-t5-06

Price $47.50 / pack of 6

Heat Gun
order number: flofs-t600

Price $51.50 / each
out of stock

One Pint Mist Sprayer
order number: flofs-t27

Price $10.50 / each


Dispensing Pump
order number: flofs-pr3173

Price $14.50 / each