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Artificial Christmas Garland

Assorted garlands for holiday decorations include garlands with berries, snow, pinecones and more. 

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xs60055 xs60056  

72" Red / Burgundy Berry Garland
order number: xmasf-xs60055

Price $15.50 / each

72" Red Bubble Berry Leaves Garland
order number: xmasf-xs60056-02

Price $24.50 / pack of 2

  xs60029 xs60045

9 ft Mixed Pine Garland
order number: xmasf-xs60029

$29.50 / each

9 ft American Pine Garland
order number: xmasf-xs60045

$27.50 / each

  x257 xg11
  9 ft long x 25" wide - fire retardant PVC

Noble Pine Garland
order number: xmata-x257

$24.50 / each

Long Needle Pine Garland
order number: xmafs-xg11

$52.50 / each

  xg71s xg140
  9 ft long x 8" wide with 16 cones, approx 120 artificial fire retardant pvc tips 9 ft long, 12 inches wide

Frosted Pine with Cones
order number: xmafs-xg81

$36.50 / each

Deluxe Mixed Pine Garland
order number: xmafs-xg140

$66.50 / each

xg91 xg91 xg25
9 foot long, 12 inches wide, approx 200 fire retardant pvc tips 9 foot long, 100 clear lights 9 ft long x 12" wide - approx 450 fire retardant PVC tips.

Wild Forest with Cones
order number: xmafs-xg91

$45.50 / each

Wild Forest with Cones and Lights
order number: xmafs-xgL91

$63.50 / each

Deluxe Alaskan Pine
order number: xmafs-xg25

$52.50 / each