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Artificial Christmas Boughs, Sprays, Trees and Bushes

Artificial decorating for Christmas had become the normal and because of this, artificials are evolving into beautiful alternatives. Sometimes it is hard to tell the difference. 

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each spray count: 6 each branches color: green-white / glitter   each spray count: 6 sprigs

16" Poly Snow Frosted Wheat Fern
item number: xmata-e95-36

$174.50 / box of 36

9" Poly Frosted Cedar
item number: xmata-f185-144

$161.50 / box of 144

xs70141   xs70097

22" Mixed Pine Berry Spray
item number: xmasf-xs70141-08

$25.50 / pack of 8

15" Snow Mixed Pine Berry Spray
item number: xmasf-xs70097-06

$49.50 / pack of 6

xc61 xc61 xs70080
3 styles designers choice 3 styles designers choice  

15" Mixed Pine Pick
item number: xmafs-xc61-12

$18.50 / pack of 12

22" Mixed Pine Spray
item number: xmafs-xc62-12

$28.50 / pack of 12
out of stock

19" Needle Pine Spray
item number: xmasf-xs70080-08

$35.50 / pack of 8

xc83 xc83 xs70108
13" long, 2 cones, 4 sprigs 18" long, 3 cones, 10 sprigs  

13" Frosted Pine with Cones Pick - pack
item number: xmafs-xc83-12

$28.50 / pack of 12

18" Frosted Pine with Cones Spray - pack
item number: xmafs-xc84-12

$41.50 / pack of 12

22" Pine Spray with Snow
item number: xmasf-xs70108-08

$33.50 / pack of 8

b915 n324 h519
each bough count: 4 each 6 inch to 7 inch leaves each bush count: 11" poly sprigs with ice each bough count: 4 each 9 inch to 10 inch eucalyptus

16" Snow Fern Spray
item number: xmata-b915-24

$69.50 / box of 24
out of stock

16" Winter Cedar Bush
item number: xmata-n327-06

$108.50 / box of 6
out of stock

29" Snowy Eucalyptus
item number: xmata-h519-12

$71.50 / box of 12
out of stock

h517   h79
each bough count: 3 each one inch to 2 inch thistles, 6 each 2 inch leaves   each bough count: 3 inch poly sprigs

31" Snowy Thistle
item number: xmata-h517-12

$92.50 / box of 12
out of stock

17" Iced Cypress Bush
item number: xmata-h79-06
$94.50 / box of 6

xs70093   xs70082

19" Needle Pine Cedar Spray
item number: xmasf-xs70093-08

$31.50 / pack of 8
out of stock

21" Needle Pine Spray
item number: xmasf-xs70082-04

$24.50 / pack of 4

xs70099 xs70090 xs70086

20" Pine Spray
item number: xmasf-xs70099-08

$30.50 / pack of 8

20" Fir Pine Spray
item number: xmasf-xs70090-08

$38.50 / pack of 8

20" American Fir Spray
item number: xmasf-xs70086-06

$24.50 / pack of 6

xs70084 v218 h260
  each bush count: 259 leaves, styro berries each bush count: 28 poly berry clusters, 147 leaves weather friendly = acceptable for outdoor use

22" Iced Needle Pine Spray
item number: xmasf-xs70084-08

$39.50 / pack of 8
out of stock

19" Holly Berry Bush
item number: xmata-v218-06

$96.50 / box of 6
out of stock

18" Holly Berry Bush
item number: xmata-h260-06

$79.50 / box of 6
out of stock

xs20033 xs70159 x8579
    two tone green, burlap ball base
18" Variegated Holly Berry x 9
item number: xmasf-xs20033-04

Price $39.50 / box of 4

27" Green Glitter Holly Berry Spray
item number: xmasf-xs70159-08

Price $32.50 / box of 8

12" Mini Pine Tree
item number: xmafs-x8579
$15.50 / each

xs10032 x8580 x2
24" alpine tree x 132 metal stand two tone green, burlap ball base 24" high, item number: xmafs-xt2 = $20.50 / each
36" high, item number: xmafs-xt3 = $36.50 / each

24" Alpine Tree
item number: xmasf-xs10032-02
$25.50 / pack of 2

18" Small Pine Tree
item number: xmafs-x8580
$17.50 / each

Pine Christmas Tree